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Richard Birch

Edwin Hubble: Oxford lawyer (almost)

Richard Birch discusses the University days of the Oxford lawyer turned revolutionary physicist

A spectre is haunting Europe

Richard Birch reflects on what the new year may hold for Paris

A night at the clubs: Bridge Thursday

Richard Birch writes for Cherwell Life about a nearly catastrophic night at Thursday Bridge

Mental health: awareness and beyond

Richard Birch reflects on a conversation about mental health with Alastair Campbell

“Cigarettes and Alcohol”

An enduring classic, or now a relic of rebellious times gone by?

A night at the clubs… Sunday: Lola Lo’s

Richard Birch awards Lola's two and half stars for their Freshers' night

Review: Pussyfooting

Richard Birch is deeply impressed by an OUDS national tour confronting gender and its norms

Commemoration Balls

White tie balls are one of Oxbridge’s great anachronisms. Upon a cursory search as to what the dress code entails, I realised it was...

Review: Woyzeck

Richard Birch is impressed by a production that goes where few dare to go

“I’m not gonna be crying anymore”

Richard Birch investigates the sway of alcohol dependence, and the power it can hold over you

What happened to Pussy Riot?

Richard Birch examines all of the punk controversy afresh

What’s going on in Abu Dhabi?

Richard Birch stops to consider his surroundings in a place of unadulterated senselessness

A Beginner’s Guide to… Kikagaku Moyo

Richard Birch explores the curious output of Kikagaku Moyo

Interview: The Amazons

Richard Birch talks guitars and garish tattoos with Matt Thompson