We were both veterans of the blind date scene so sparks quickly flew, and so did the time! Before I knew it, we were exploring the nooks and crannies of each other’s lives. ‘Scalice’, as she likes to be called, began regaling me with thrilling tales of acapella politics—which really came Out of the Blue! As the evening progressed, it became clear that Alice was particularly popular, leaving the table to socialise with a friend—good thing I didn’t mind sharing! We both mourned the loss of a place near and dear to us: Wahoo Bar & Grill, as we relived many a drunken memory (or lack thereof!). Alas, all good things must come to an end as we were ushered out of the pub before even remembering to take a photo. I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet but a short trip to Tesco soon remedied that, and although not the most ‘picturesque’ ending, she certainly improved it.

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Out of ten: 8

Appearance: No complaints!

Looks: “Awkward when sober, flirty when drunk”

Second date? She’s got my number


Andy (not Andrew I was told firmly) introduced himself to me as “randy” and a “polar bear” within the first twenty minutes of our date, which was certainly an original start. But, at least he was bang on time and I wasn’t left stranded in the KA on my own. Our mutual appreciation of First Dates stopped either of us from making any awful social faux pas, although I did desert him to talk to a friend at one point (my bad). In fact, the only really awkward moment of the night was coercing a bemused stranger to take our photo in Tesco (I needed bagels and we’d forgotten to do it in the pub). Similarly, the revelation that his friends were live Facebook-stalking me and sending him the results was also rather unnerving. Clearly out to impress, he managed to top every anecdote, story or sconce I had. Luckily this wasn’t irritating; it just made me feel better about my own love life calamities, so thanks for that, Andy.

Out of ten: 7

Appearance: He looked unnervingly familiar

Looks: Put in his own words: “a randy polar bear”

Second date? Another drink as friends sometime