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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cherpse! Jaya and Raphael

Find out how the date went ...

Jaya Rana, Hertford, English, First year

We met under the Bridge of Sighs and walked around Oxford for a bit before deciding to go to Missing Bean – but as there were no seats we ended up going to George Street Social.

First impressions?
He seemed really nice – he was very friendly and very talkative which was lovely, plus he had a really cool dress sense. On the walk there we chatted about how we’ve found first year, and asked about each other’s colleges.

Did it meet up to your expectations?
I didn’t really go in with any expectations as it was very last minute so yeah I’d say it did! I just thought it would be fun to meet new people, and Raphael was nice, so yeah, I’d say it did.

What was the highlight:
I don’t know if there was one specific highlight, although if I had to say one thing in particular, it was interesting finding out more about German culture, and what life at Oxford is like for an international student.

What was the most embarrassing moment:
Probably the fact that I struggled to navigate the way to Missing Bean after living in Oxford for two terms now.

Describe the date in 3 words:
Short, friendly, sweet

Is a second date on the cards:
He seems lovely, but probably not, as I think it’s more of a friends thing

Raphael Decker, St Hugh’s, E&M, First year

Due to some interesting circumstances in the arranging of our date, we ended up meeting at the Bridge of Sighs at 10:15am, not the best time for a date in my opinion, as it required getting up at a reasonable time. After a brief walk through the city to find a café that wasn’t completely packed, we ended up at George Street Central for a fairly good coffee and an equally enjoyable conversation. Topics ranged from the usual introduction to our respective extracurriculars and oxford’s architecture. All in I had a fairly good and time and it seemed like she did too, although I didn’t see many sparks flying.

First impressions?
She was there early and seemed very friendly.

Did it meet up to your expectations?
I had no expectations going into it, so I’ll say yes

What was the highlight?
It didn’t really have particular highlight to me, though the overall quality of the chat was fairly good.

What was the most embarrassing moment?
Other than the few seconds of awkward silence near the end, not much.

Describe the date in three words:
Coffee, friendly, chill

Is a second date on the cards?

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