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A tale of two brunches

Oxford students have many reasons to rejoice: sure, we have great academic resources and educations, not to mention centuries of traditions to enjoy—but Oxford is also home to a wealth of amazing places for brunch. Brunch is probably my favourite meal: you can go sweet or savoury or both, if you’re so inclined, you can get together and celebrate with friends, or you can treat yourself to it to help make the deadlines more bearable. I have tried and tested the best places and here are two of my favourites.

Browns (5-11 Woodstock Rd, OX2 6HA)

So this is a classic. You’ve probably taken your parents here when they came to visit—it’s not exactly in the average student budget. However, hear me out: sometimes brunch is for a celebration, for an indulgent splurge and Browns is the perfect place for this. The menu features a lot of delicious brunch food: I tend to go for the classic avocado toast, which I order with poached eggs. It is absolutely delicious, particularly if you’re slightly hungover and in need of some gastronomical TLC.

There is a big variety on the menu: you can have the classic full English, eggs benedict, or even a lobster champagne breakfast if you’re really pushing the boat out. But the brunch cocktails are probably one of the strongest parts of the Browns brunch. My recommendation is the grand mimosa—it’s the ultimate treat—but the bar is very well-stocked and there are numerous brunch cocktails (non-alcoholic ones too!). Ultimately, the elegant décor of Browns and the multitude of menu choice make this the perfect place to celebrate a brunch.

The Jericho Café (112 Walton St, OX2 6AJ)

The Jericho Café is a bit of a contrast from Browns: wholesome and vibrant, it’s common to see families catching lunch, friends meeting for a casual coffee, or in my case, students enjoying brunch whilst having their weekly essay crisis. It’s the ideal place to work with a coffee (their cappuccinos really are delicious), with plenty of tables and not normally too noisy (although I’d bring earphones anyway).

Like Browns, the menu at The Jericho Café is pretty extensive, but obviously I tend to go for avocado toast (I’m not sorry, avocado is life). The avocado toast arrives on sourdough with tomatoes and seeds over the top—the perfect brain food for the busy student. It’s definitely one of my favourite cafes to study in, and far enough from central Oxford that it’s not normally hectically busy and noisy—perfect.

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