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Julia Alsop

Are Waitrose taking the piss(ata)?

What are you stocking up on for your kitchen essentials at university? There are some classics staples in every student kitchen – pesto and...

Oxbridge going private would say goodbye to diversity

Copying the American university structure will take improving access off the agenda and polarise students

Pink food: style over substance?

Not all food trends can be looked at through rose-tinted glasses

The Taste of Success

Julia Alsop speaks to MasterChef finalist and Oxford PhD student, Nawamin Pinpathomrat

Staff-student relationships are a question of consent

It is naïve to accept inappropriate relationships

How to: Get a date

Danger! These golden rules will make any person fall for you instantly!

All the class without the cash

You can still have dinner parties on a student budget

Letter to: my neighbour

Julia Alsop airs her domestic grievances

Let’s Talk About: Casual sex

Ditch the stigma and do what you want,

Restaurant Review: Shoryu

Shoryu offers the authenticity that most Japanese chains lack

Booze cruise: ‘Ginuary’

‘Ginuary’ is the new and improved Dry January

A letter to: My 2018 self

It's time to cut the crap of yesteryear, and set attainable goals

Is the ‘vac’ really a vacation?

Sometimes it’s okay to just stick your middle finger up at the reading list, writes Julia Alsop

Opera: Passion, power and politics

The new exhibition at the V&A entertains yet bemuses Julia Alsop