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Love Oxland: “I’d say her spirit animal is a lemon beer.”

James Coates
Third Year DPhil, Oncology
St Hugh’s

I had to push our date back by an hour because a mate ran his car into a tree (the tree was fine) – so much for first impressions. Thankfully, I explained that said mate is a Historian, and Becky was more than understanding. We easily spotted one another outside Kazbar and it wasn’t long before we found common ground, chatting about the perils of academia. We found ourselves sitting in a corner drinking and mocking rowers for most of the night. After the fourth drink, we decided to hit up Big Society, although I’m pretty sure the Merton crypts would’ve been more lively on a Monday night. I ended up with a bit of a headache and a lighter than expected wallet, but I’d probably do it again. Most importantly, I’d say her spirit animal is a lemon beer.

What was your first impression? 6/10
Chat? Said I’d get devoured in Plush
Personality? Jimmy Carr after three benzos

Becky Todd
Fourth Year, Classics

I was kind of annoyed with James before I even met him, as he delayed our meeting by an hour. However, it turns out he had a valid reason and I think in the end it was worth the wait! Right from the start James was very friendly and I found him really easy to talk to – we had a 20 minute conversation about sport, and usually I don’t even like sport! However, he was definitely too good looking to be single, which makes me think there must be something wrong with him. (Joking, kind of…) At the end of the date he told me to add him on Facebook, but unfortunately I don’t know his surname, but I would certainly like to see James again. Eds: See above for James’ surname… we’re all about faciliating love.

What was your first impression? Well-dressed
Chat? Really funny
Any awkward moments? Easy to get along with

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