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    Cherwell Life

    Let’s not be complacent: sexual violence is everyone’s responsibility

    The truth is that someone can be a nice guy, a soup kitchen volunteer, a stranger or a trusted female friend, and still inflict violence on another person.

    Cherpse! Daniel and Lindsay

    Daniel, English, University, 2nd Year First impressions: Extremely awkward, for some reason we ended up messaging for ages with the audio on but cameras off, very...

    Cherpse! Joe and Ed

    Joe Drakeley, Oriel, Physics, 2nd Year We met at the steps of the Ashmolean which is surprisingly ominous at night, despite it only being 7.30pm....

    Cherpse! Joe and Dina

    "You’re talking like we’re in a tutorial”.

    Lady Pat. R. Honising – Coping with Graduation

    Dear Agony Aunt, I’ll confess, this letter is a tiny bit fraudulent. I’ve noticed how much of a great job you’ve been doing offering your...

    Blind Date: “Honestly, we couldn’t really have been more different”

    Asking the same question makes for poor quality chat

    Night Out: May Day Reviews

    "May Day is the busiest student night out of the year, so who wouldn’t want to spend it in a club that was once voted the third worst in Britain?"

    Love Oxland: “I’d say her spirit animal is a lemon beer.”

    Becky Todd and James Coates hit it off on a quiet Monday night despite James' poor time management

    College Insider at St Anne’s

    Our insider pens a desperate plea to the outside world from the cold, dark periphery of Oxford University

    Blind Date: Emma and Nicky

    Life co-editors Emma and Nicky get a taste of the Balliol Blue and their own medicine

    Blind Date: Rosie and Tom

    Tom and Rosie discuss classical music and Persian history over a drink in Turf Tavern