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Oxford ranked best student city for long-distance lovers

New research suggests students are only willing to spend £20 on a regular journey to visit a significant other

Oxford is the joint-best city to live in for students hoping to maintain a long-distance relationship, according to new research.

A survey of 2,353 students by Liberty Living revealed that the average student would only be willing to spend £21.93 and travel for two hours and 12 minutes on regular journeys to visit their significant other.

Of those currently in a relationship, two out of five (39%) would be willing to pay £30 or more, with 65% willing to travel more than two hours on a journey to see a partner.

Out of single students, only a quarter would be willing to spend over £30 on regular journeys, and only 48% would be willing to travel over two hours.

#Oxlove16683To all the Oxford Guys and Gals in long distance relationships, you’re great and it will be worth it. Hang…

Posted by Oxlove on Friday, February 16, 2018


Oxford and Nottingham were ranked the joint-best cities for long-distance lovers.

Five other university cities can be reached from both that fall within the average student’s journey time and cost – Southampton, Coventry, Portsmouth, London, and Bristol are all reachable from Oxford for under £21.93 return (and under two hours and 12 minutes’ travel time).

A second-year English student, whose girlfriend of two years studies in Nottingham, told Cherwell: “I’m not surprised that Oxford and Nottingham ranked so highly – it’s a pretty easy journey between the two.

“And the two cities complement each other well, with both offering their own quirky and exciting student vibe.”

#Oxfess12633Does anyone have any experience with long distance relationships? My girlfriend studies at Merton and I study at LMH so we see each other just once a term. #LMHIsSoFar

Posted by Oxfess on Saturday, February 17, 2018


40% of those surveyed said that they thought seeing their partner once a month was acceptable, while only 83% of respondents said that they expected their significant other to be completely faithful.

60% said that a relationship would have an impact on where they choose to study.

A Liberty Living spokesperson said: “Students today are under a lot of financial pressure, so it’s not surprising that they have to put a price tag on their ability to maintain long distance relationships while they’re studying.

“Spending as high as £505 on average on a years’ worth of visits to see your partner is a real sign of commitment and proof that romance isn’t dead.”

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