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Thames Valley? More like Silicon Valley as mysterious street signs appear across city

Signs for "Snapchat End", "Emoji Alley", and "Facebook Row" surfaced in Oxford yesterday

Ryan Gould
Ryan Gould
Ryan is a news editor for Trinity Term 2018. He is studying for a Masters degree in English literature.

Silicon Valley has acquired Thames Valley, it would seem, after a series of mysterious street signs were spotted across Oxford today.

A sign for “Snapchat End” has been affixed to the walls of Christ Church opposite the Bear Inn pub on the corner of Blue Boar Street and Alfred Street.

A sign for “Google Walk”

A sign for “Emoji Alley” was erected in Pembroke Square.

“Google Walk”, “Facebook Row”, and “Lol Alley” have also appeared around the city, while “Hashtag Walk” and “WTF Lane” were christened slightly further from the centre.

The signs are suspected to be the work of anonymous artist A34.

A34 tweeted the images below this afternoon:

A34 previously claimed credit for a series of signs for locations including Narnia, Gotham City, and Neverland, affixed to road signs in Didcot last month.

Oxford City Council have been contacted for comment.

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