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Blind Date: “Honestly, we couldn’t really have been more different”

Asking the same question makes for poor quality chat

Milly Lee, Second Year, French, LMH

We met at the King’s Arms for an early evening drink. We chatted about some things we had in common: both Arsenal fans, both go to Pure Gym (me at 6am, him at 11pm). While the conversation flowed relatively easily, I felt this was more out of my fear of silence and awful habit of filling any quiet moments with inane questions. In all honesty, we couldn’t really have been more different. He regaled me with tales of going out clubbing five times a week; I don’t think I’ve ever managed five times a term. I felt second-hand stress at just the mention of his incredibly last minute essay writing, and may have pretended my deadline was two days earlier than it actually was so as not to seem so painfully square. He seemed like a nice enough guy, we just weren’t particularly compatible.

First impressions?

I couldn’t hear his name, so awkwardly had to ask him to repeat it.

Quality of the chat?

Asked me the same question twice. This happened a couple of times.

Most awkward moment?

Asking to have our photo taken.

Kiss or miss?


Akhil Palani, Second Year, Law, Worcester

I had a pretty good time. There was a bit of nervousness at first but Milly was really easy to talk to, we grabbed a couple of drinks and had a chat about stuff like how she feels about going on her year abroad next year. I was delighted to discover that she was also an Arsenal fan and we chatted about Arsène Wenger’s legacy for a while. Milly was a great listener and seemed willing to put up with my chat, which quickly helped us to relax and settle into a fun conversation. Even though we didn’t really share the same interests, Milly was easy to talk to and we never really had any issues finding things to talk about. The topics we covered were broad and varied, but I didn’t feel any sparks flying. Considering how I felt before the blind date, I’m really happy that it turned out to be a chill chat with a fun person.

First impressions?

She didn’t seem very nervous and was very polite.

Quality of the chat?


Most awkward moment?

I didn’t really feel awkward at any point on the date.

Kiss or miss?

Sadly a miss.

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