Hillary Clinton is coming to Oxford

The failed US presidential candidate will give the annual Romanes lecture


Hillary Clinton will speak in Oxford at the end of the month.

The failed US presidential candidate will give this year’s Romanes Lecture at the Sheldonian Theatre on 25th June.

The event is open to Oxford University staff and students, and the general public.

The Romanes Lecture is the University’s annual public lecture, and has been given since 1892.

It sees a “distinguished public figure from the arts, science or literature” given a special invitation by the vice chancellor.

Previous speakers include Gordon Brown, Karl Popper, and Winston Churchill.

It will be the second time in a year that a failed candidate from the 2016 US Presidential Election has spoken in Oxford. Last summer, Bernie Sanders – who was beaten to the Democrat nomination by Clinton in 2016 – spoke at the Sheldonian as part of a book launch.

The Clinton family are no strangers to the University. Former US President Bill studied PPE at University College on a Rhodes Scholarship in the late 1960s, while the couple’s daughter, Chelsea, twice studied at the college – she completed her MPhil in International Relations in 2003, before graduating with a DPhil in the same subject in 2014.

Registration for Clinton’s talk is free, and will open here on Monday morning.


    • Oh dear. They don’t want your Kids to be independent and think for themselves. Trump will tell your kids to think for themselves. Hillary will them about how to blame and lie. There’s no truth in this world. We’ve lost our world these goons. God help o

  1. It is disappointing to read that Oxford University is ending the tradition begun in 1892 of inviting ““distinguished public figure from the arts, science or literature” to give the annual Romanes Lecture. This year they have invited one of the most paranoid, dishonest, corrupt politicians in American history. They will be treated to one of her endless, bitter bitter rants “hillarysplaining” what happened in the 2016 presidential election. She will blame anyone and everyone else for her failure and attack the current administration, American voters, society and democracy. Enjoy.

  2. I can’t imagine what’s wrong in this world. The world is gone totally mad. What’s Hillary going to talk about? Tell them how to bleach emails,lie about Benghazi,blame everyone for her lose,tell them how she’s a woman advocate and yet she bullied women her entire life. This’s a very unstable person and she’s given audience to speak her BS.

  3. Perhaps the live audience can ask Hillary her opinion on the war in Libya, which she personally orchestrated leaving a nation worse off in civil war and a Europe facing mass immigration. Or how the Clinton Foundation has creamed millions of dollars off the back of Uranium One deals (and others) while she and her husband were in office. Or perhaps explain again what happened to her private email server containing several million state emails! There’s so much to cover! Perhaps she might offer a penny for her thoughts on John Podesta, campaign manager and best friend who had his emails leaked and gave us an insight into her Campaign material where they fabricated a Russia Trump narrative we see all over the news today. Cannot wait for this! Go Hillary! Sell millions more copies of your book spreading lies and deception. Such a role model. Peace and love

  4. It is a shame that we continue to honor corrupt politicians as role models as if nothing ever happened. It sets a bad example for the children. It is very disappointing but nonetheless its thier choice!!! Trump would be more effective!! I mean look at his speeches. They are full of energy and substance.


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