Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who alleges she was paid “hush money”, by Donald Trump is coming to the Oxford Union on the 15th November.

Daniels, whose accusations were confirmed when President Trump’s personal lawyer said he paid Ms. Daniels “at the direction of the candidate”, and “for the principal purpose of influencing the election”, will be speaking on how “stigmatizing the adult industry and people who work in it is bad for society” according to the Union’s Term Card.

Union President Stephen Horvath told Cherwell “For some, Stormy Daniels is a feminist icon for unashamedly standing up to President Trump; to others, she is merely an opportunist seeking fame.

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“No matter your stance, it is undeniable that Stormy Daniels has challenged the President in a prominent and public way, and we are looking forward to hearing that story.”

Daniels’ talk at the Union is entitled “Sex, Guns & Other Fluff:  How Porn Can Set You Free”, and will reportedly focus on the importance of destigmatising the adult entertainment industry.

Having appeared on talk shows ranging from Jimmy Kimmel to Fox and Friends as well as playing herself in a cameo on Saturday Night Live, Daniels’s book “Full Disclosure” which details her alleged encounters with President Trump was released earlier this year.

The talk will be held at the Oxford Union 5PM on Wednesday 15th November.