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    Angus Brown

    The new commission is a betrayal of European democracy – but Europe’s democrats must support it

    Tough compromises are required to save the dream of a strong, free, and democratic Europe.

    Robot’s art goes on display in St John’s exhibition

    The project was created to showcase the potential of artificial intelligence

    UNION SCANDAL: Lee disqualified, McGinley elected in recount

    The election for Secretary was recounted after Lee Chin Wee was found guilty of electoral malpractice.

    Challenges to Union election results threaten McGrath’s presidency

    One allegation could see a tribunal rule that the conduct of Sara Dube’s ‘RISE’ campaign had compromised the integrity of Thursday’s elections. This could lead to a rerun of the entire election.

    Oxford hit by mumps outbreak

    LMH, Brasenose, and Corpus have all acknowledged outbreaks of the disease. Cases have also been reported at Univ, Oriel, Hertford, and Queen’s.

    Corpus warns students of mumps outbreak

    In an email from the College Nurse and Welfare Dean, students were advised to "not attend tutorial, lectures or interact with other students for 5 days after the initial development".

    Transcriptions for ‘illegible’ exams cost students over £30,000 since 2014

    The average transcription costs over £144 at Oxford, compared to just £25 at St Andrew's.

    OUCA candidate removes ‘Defeat the Cucks’ campaign page

    In a video posted on the page, Simon specifically referenced a ban on “Slav Squatting” on tables at OUCA’s Port and Policy as a catalyst for his run, accusing OUCA President Ellie Flint of “oppressing our meme culture”.

    Controversy surrounds nomination of new Union Debate Sponsorship Officers

    At a meeting on Monday, Treasurer Charlie Coverman claimed that he withdrew a motion opposing the nominations after facing abuse from colleagues, including being told there was "a special wing in hell" for him.

    Interview: George Osborne

    The first impression that I get of George Osborne is that he is a man in a hurry – both literally and figuratively. After...

    Uni announces two new access schemes in “sea change for admissions”

    Figures for the 2019 intake show a record 64.5% of offers were made to students from state schools while 15.7% of offers went to students from the most under-represented backgrounds.

    Over two thirds of Classics students privately educated for last five years

    Fewer than 25% of Oxford classicists attended UK state schools.

    Shadow Minister withdraws from Union debate over Hopkins’ participation

    According to an email sent to Katie Hopkins by The Guardian and shared by Hopkins' on social media, the politician has withdrawn from the debate because of Hopkins’ participation.

    Union suspends member for Nazi salute

    The accused member claimed that their goose-stepping was a “cultural exploration” of military practices.