Cherpse! Felix and Kaitlyn

"Seemed really nice, very friendly in that American way. Good looking"


Felix Westcott, 1st Year, Medicine, St Peter’s

Kaitlyn was super nice and I really enjoyed taking the time out from revising to talk to get to know someone new and talk and learn about her time at university in America and ideas about education in general. Because of the fact that she’s a visiting student from America there lots of talk about different university systems and like the party atmosphere in the two countries, like a cool bit about greek life there and Oxford union here. Overall it was really nice to meet her and interesting to talk to but would only see her as a friend.

What was your first impression?

Seemed really nice, very friendly in that American way. Good looking.

Quality of the chat out of ten?


Most awkward moment?

Waiting in line to get drinks right after we first met but before we sat down and started chatting properly.

Kiss or miss?

Miss because I feel like we got on really well as friends.

Kaitlyn Ham, visiting student, PPE, Pembroke

Overall we had a great time, Felix kind of reminded me of when I was an excited college freshman, and we ended up chatting about how he felt being away from home for the first time – although I did worry that he was a little young for me to be going on a date with. He was really nice though and I enjoyed comparing what it was like to go to school here and in the US, as well as talking about medicine and all sorts of other things. Overall I had a lovely time.

What was your first impression?


Quality of the chat out of ten?


Most awkward moment?

Nothing that bad. Maybe first meeting up and leaving?

Kiss or miss?

Very nice, but maybe a little young for me so probably a miss.

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