Cherpse! Arthur and Anna

"I did mention colouring, which I’m sure is triggering for a geographer."


Arthur Fooks, 1st Year, Geography, Keble 

I went into the date looking for someone with an iguana. Anna has an iguana (schdoush!). Fantastic start. In order to impress Anna, I got an iced coffee (it was a bit cold outside- thought it seemed daring). She seemed less than impressed. I lied that I did computer science in order to win her back, but she caught on- you see Anna could smell lies. I accidently drank my coffee too quickly and the caffeine made me feel a bit delirious, already was nervous after the lying. Anyway, I think it went pretty well- conversation flowed like a really big river. Think the fact both our names started with an A threw her off. 

What was your first impression? 

Surprisingly average height. 

Quality of the chat out of 10? 


Most awkward moment? 

I felt the iced coffee mistake loomed over our date. 

Kiss or miss? 

I’m a not-before-marriage kind of guy. 

Anna Colley, 2nd Year, PPE, Worcester 

So I found out straight away that he was a fresher (and, even worse, a geographer). But we nonetheless had a nice coffee and an equally nice chat in The Missing Bean. Despite our (obvious) differences, we happen to have a few things in common (e.g. a hatred of Chihuahuas and absolutely no musical talent). We were both signed up by our friends, and neither of us really knew what we’d been claimed to be interested in etc., so I was quite relieved that he was ‘normal’. He seemed like a genuinely friendly guy, neither of us had to resort to asking interview-style questions and I enjoyed his decision to wear a corduroy shirt. 

What was your first impression? 

‘Wait, is that him? But he’s got two coffees in front of him….’ (Someone else had left them at the table). 

Quality of the chat out of 10? 

Whatever he rated me minus one. 

Most awkward moment? 

I did mention colouring, which I’m sure is triggering for a geographer. 

Kiss or miss? 


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