A candidate for Political Officer for the Oxford University Conservative Association deleted a campaign Facebook page on which he pledged “To defeat the cucks and usher in a new golden age of soundness” just hours after its launch on Wednesday.

Candidate Iván Simon advertised what he referred to as “The official 2019 campaign for sound leadership and sounder port.” He further urged voters to “Vote IVAN for PO because you’re worth it.”

In a video posted on the page, Simon specifically referenced a ban on “Slav Squatting” on tables at OUCA’s Port and Policy as a catalyst for his run, accusing OUCA President Ellie Flint of “oppressing our meme culture”.

This video has also since been deleted. It is unclear whether Simon is still running for Political Officer.

Before being deleted, the Facebook page appeared to have been “Sponsored”, a feature which allows page administrators to pay to promote their pages.

But, speaking to Cherwell, OUCA President Ellie Flint said: “I am aware of a campaign page that was set up on Facebook by a member of OUCA. The page was in breach of our constitution regarding electoral publicity, and has since been taken down.

“The campaign was based on allowing Members to stand on tables at Port and Policy, which is currently not allowed, due to the risk of damage to St Giles’ Church Hall.”

The political usage of the word “cuck” originated on 4Chan’s infamous “Pol” board and is popular with the Alt-Right online.

Iván Simon was contacted for comment.