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Two dinner date ideas for people you can’t make up your mind about…

Whether you have just graduated from the ‘coffee?’ stage of a blossoming romance, or are debating taking the plunge into the pools of monogamy, these evenings offer an alternative to the mundanity of eating out.

Make your mind up about your chirpse: The Supermarket compatibility challenge

This is one you can whip out just before taking the big plunge into the pools of exclusivity, or to ascertain whether your suspicions of your prospective mate being a low-key freak are true (a friend’s date once selected baked beans and diet coke for 2 out of 3 of their ingredients. Oxford boys never fail to astound me). The premise of the test is to see if your tastes complement each other, like plump strawberries dripping with hot velvety chocolate, or if like tinned pineapple on soggy pizza, the combination leaves much to be desired. Each half must go off and chose 3 savoury ingredients, and as a couple you proceed to create a meal from the 6 combined ingredients (ground rules on vegetarianism are a good way to test immediate compatibility). Remember, do not be too alarmed at your relationships fate if your partner disappoints, for in the kitchen you may yet create a gastronomic masterpiece and from this feat true love may blossom. If your palates do align, I wish you a delicious and fruitful union. I regret to inform you however that baked beans and coke do not go with anything, and any purchaser of equally sinful items should be lovingly ditched in the Tesco’s self-checkout area.

Impress XR enthusiasts with your vegetable knowledge: Covered market perusing

Dating an eco-warrior? Covered market has your back. A trip to Bonners vegetable stall is the perfect way to see if your date is all chat, or if they really know the difference between locally sourced oxford tender stem and imported Italian purple sprouting broccoli. This is also a great way to figure out if you can put up with such observations, and if indeed gobbets on how to neutralise your carbon footprint are the way to win over your heart. If you are more of a ‘steak 4 nights a week’ person, and they only eat raw organic vegetables, perhaps the union is unwise. However, if your hands gently graze while reaching for an organic fennel, perhaps this could be the start of something wonderful and carbon neutral. You might even bond over a shared love of porcini mushrooms and end the night with a delicious ragù and a sizzling romance. Always keep in mind that if in the market you grow weary of your increasingly preachy champagne socialist, you can always ditch them for the charming French man who can regularly be found working the stall. A win win!

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