‘Incredibly distasteful’ kidnapped child dummies, on display for sales of DVDs for the film ‘IT: Chapter Two’ have been seen in Oxfordshire stores.

A mum, who prefers to remain anonymous, complained to Sains- bury’s after being horrified at a child victim model in a store in Winnersh, Berkshire.

The dummy is dressed in a yellow parka jacket resembling the one worn by little Georgie boy, the child in the film. Georgie famously wears the jacket before being dragged into a drain by the evil Pennywise in the original ‘IT’ film. All items of clothing worn by the dummy were available to buy.

The film’s plot follows a violent and murderous clown who kidnaps children.

The mum told Sainsbury’s she believed the display was inappropriate to place at the front of a shop where young children would be passing. She maintained that it would be upsetting to children, especially those with additional needs.

She was reportedly informed that the display had been designed by Sainsbury’s head office and deemed appropriate to be placed anywhere in stores, though every store was able to choose where to place it at its own discretion.

The display has since been removed from the Berkshire store, but it is unknown whether Oxfordshire stores have followed suit.

The mum said she spoke to a store manager who initially did not understand why children might find the display scary, not having watched the ‘IT’ film. She said: “When I explained the plot (that children get kidnapped by an evil clown) he said, ‘oh I see what you mean, I haven’t seen it.”

“Luckily, I wasn’t with my child – they would have been petrified and refused to go into the store if she had seen it”.

“It’s not an appropriate display for a store where families shop”.

Sainsbury’s released a statement saying: “The Winnersh store’s display has been removed. We have apologised to [anonymous] for any upset it may have caused.”

The film has been awarded a 15 certificate in the UK meaning it is not appropriate for young children.

The Mum added: “And why would they dress up the model in clothes you can buy in-store? Who would see that and think ‘that jacket is great for my child’?”