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Oxford It Happens Here launches “Letters from Survivors”

CW: Sexual Violence

Oxford’s It Happens Here Student Union campaign, which raises awareness about sexual harassment and violence in Oxford University, launched a new platform today called “Letters from Survivors”.

The new platform aims to give a voice to survivors of sexual violence and harassment, functioning as a “place where they can express their feelings and experiences openly and without judgement, and know that they will be acknowledged and believed” writes the group.

The platform welcomes named and anonymous contribution, as well as submissions from allies. Content will include profiles and stories about experiences and recovery, interviews, opinion pieces, personal essays, illustration, fiction and photography.

“Letters from Survivors” joins the Campaign’s other activism, which includes a photo campaign and vigil for survivors in Sexual Violence Awareness Week during Hilary. The platform will add to their termly open discussions as a way for Oxford students to voice experiences of sexual violence.

A Facebook group has been launched today titled “Letters from Survivors” and a website is launching by Sunday of 0th Week.  

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