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RON wins Union presidential vote

Union members have voted to Re-Open Nominations for the Union presidency. 

RON has won the majority of votes for President-Elect, beating Union Treasurer Jack Solomon by 325 votes to 300.

Chengkai Xie, Tamzin Lent, and Adam Roble have won the positions of Librarian-Elect, Treasurer-Elect and Secretary respectively. All three candidates ran on the HOPE slate, alongside Solomon. 

All officer positions were uncontested except Librarian-Elect, which Xie won with 333 first preferences.

Candidates from the HOPE slate also received the highest votes for Standing and Secretary’s Committee.

Alana Brown achieved the most votes for Secretary’s Committee, receiving 102 first preferences, while Zeus Chen received 110 first preferences for Standing Committee.

Image credit to Barker Evans.

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