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    VNI: Oxford’s unique and costly inflation index

    The Van Noorden Index, Oxford’s unique inflation index which is often used to inform annual college rent increases, is consistently higher than standard national...

    Oxford University to ban staff-student relationships

    The University of Oxford has announced the implementation of a new policy regarding staff-student relationships, to take effect from 17th April 2023. The policy, set...

    Fake professor dismissed from Oxford apologises for misogyny at fraudulent book launch

    Nigerian author Onyeka Nwelue has had his Academic Visitor status at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge terminated following complaints.

    Union announces extra speaker events for Hilary Term

    The Oxford Union has announced several extra speaker events which will be taking place in the rest of Hilary Term, though not previously listed...

    “I am the Chair!”: Emergency Union meeting on fashion show devolves into chaos

    The Union’s split surrounding Saturday night’s fashion show and its governance spills further into the open. 

    BREAKING: University releases new guidance for returns

    The University has sent out updated guidance to its students in light of the announcement that students on non-practical courses that were not already...

    Oxford University Music Faculty responds to media coverage

    The Music Faculty offered an explanation to students about curriculum reforms on 6 April 2021, following media coverage in The Telegraph and Daily Mail....

    Oxford students respond to uncertainty over university return

    "Students at the University of Oxford have responded to the lack of certainty about the return of those on on-practical courses. This followed updated guidance from the university, which suggested that a decision will not be made until after the Easter holidays."

    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Cherwell and The Oxford Student to merge

    Cherwell and The Oxford Student have announced their upcoming merger in a bid to create a gigantic student paper. The merger will create the opportunity...

    Who are your new Oxford SU officers, trustees and delegates?

    Rashmi Samant was elected Oxford Student Union President. Samant aims to extend access to resources and events for graduating one-year Master’s students, along with...

    Oxford Union cuts standing committee to five officers

    "This comes as a direct overturn of the decision in Trinity 2017 where it was voted for the Standing Committee to be expanded from 5 members to 7."

    Guide to impeachments at the Oxford Union

    Once motions have been submitted to the Returning Officer, they are displayed on the Union noticeboard. The date and time at which the articles had been posted is also displayed, since 150 verified signatures need to be collected for the motion to proceed to a debate.

    Magdalen College JCR releases statement in wake of Cayman Islands news

    Magdalen College JCR has released a statement after Dinah Rose’s representation of the Cayman Islands in a case regarding gay marriage. The JCR has...

    University confirms delayed return for most students

    "In line with Government guidance, only very specific groups of taught students will be permitted to return to Oxford from 4 January. All other taught students are advised not to travel back to university until at least 25 January, with all teaching taking place online until at least that point."