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Oxford Union Second Election: Who’s nominated and what happens now?

Elections for the President of the Oxford Union in Hilary 2021 will take place on Friday, after Re-open Nominations (RON) received more votes than HOPE slate candidate Jack Solomon last week. This followed allegations that Solomon, the Trinity 2020 Treasurer, called the Trinity Secretary a “terrorist” on multiple occasions.

The candidates for the Second Election are as follows:

Amy Gregg, DPhil student, Exeter College

Jeremy Bararia, Economics and Management undergraduate, Lady Margaret Hall

Joseph Mochhoury, Law undergraduate, St Hughs

James Price, graduated student

One candidate is not currently an Oxford student. Ex-students are usually excluded from running due to residency requirements, but this requirement was lifted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Manifestos have not yet been released, but will be sent out no later than 9pm on this Thursday.

Nominations for the Second Election closed this evening at 10:45pm, 72 hours after the announcement of the first election’s results. Only current or former members of Standing Committee were eligible to nominate.

Members who registered to vote in the first round of elections do not need to register again. Members who did not can register to vote in this second Poll until noon on Wednesday.

Hustings for the Second Election will take place on Thursday evening at 6pm, which members can attend if they email the Returning Officer ahead of time.

The Poll will take place on Friday online from 9:30 – 20:30. RON will not be an option, and the candidate who wins the most votes will be President of the Union in Hilary 2021.

Allegations concerning the Second Election can be made until 24 hours after the Poll for the Second Election ends.

Oxford Union Election rules changed mid-May to allow elections to take place online.

Image credit to U.S. Department of State/ Wikimedia Commons.

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