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University releases new guidance for returning students

The University has released updated guidance for students returning to Oxford this term. Under the guidance, students will still be able to return to university under the previous exemptions outlined. All other students will be advised not to travel back until mid-February, with all teaching taking place online until at least then. 

The groups that will be able to return are as follows:

  • Students taking part in initial teacher training or medical courses that had been advised to return to Oxford as usual previously. 
  • Some students on additional courses involving professional accreditations.
  • International students that have remained in the UK or have already arrived back, or have booked travel which cannot be rescheduled.
  • Students that have stayed in university or college accommodation over the Christmas vacation.
  • Students that require additional support, including those that are having mental health difficulties.
  • Students that do not have access to appropriate study spaces or facilities at home.

The University has stated that students that believe they meet these criteria will need to discuss their plans with their colleges before returning. The guidance encourages students to access “online learning from home wherever possible.”
Residency requirements have also been suspended until the end of Hilary.

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