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Sasha Mills

John Evelyn: MT21 Week 5

As Steve Jobs once said, ‘you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards’. Never have more inspirational words been...

BREAKING: English faculty to hold finals online

Only one set of papers, Course II Paper 6 Language papers, will be held in-person. 

In Conversation with Otegha Uwagba

'We need to talk about who has money, how they got it, why they got it, who doesn’t, how that came to be and how all of those differences affect our individual experiences of the world, so that we can start thinking about what needs to be done about how money is made, and spent, and shared, because fundamentally it’s very unfair.'

Common Ground holds its annual symposium, ‘Reclaiming Spaces’

“Reclaiming Spaces will interrogate our relationship to and experience of different places, whether that be historical, institutional or natural space."

University announces that it will hold 2021 interviews online

"The same consideration has been given to arrangements for the 2021 process, and it has been agreed that it is in everyone’s interests for all interviews to be online again this year."

EXCLUSIVE: Landmark grant scheme created at the Oxford Union

"When an incoming President is a current student, the Union will now match all University grants and governmental grants that would be received by that student were they studying, up to the cost of a Crankstart scholarship. The motion was proposed by Molly Mantle, current Librarian and student at St. Hugh’s College."

Jeremy Corbyn speaks on Cecil Rhodes, visions for Labour, and antisemitism in Labour at the Oxford Union

CW: Mentions of antisemitism and racism Jeremy Corbyn addressed The Oxford Union this afternoon, speaking on a range of topics including the impact of COVID-19...

EXCLUSIVE: Sensitive alumni data made available in Pembroke College telethon leak

Sensitive data about some of Pembroke College’s alumni from the 2021 telethon was made available to current Oxford University SSO users in a data...

OULC elects new Co-Chairs after failure to resolve internal dispute

Laura Ennis and Danial Hussain have been elected as the new Co-Chairs of Oxford University Labour Club after the previous Co-Chairs stepped down following...

What’s the deal with Ballerine?

The Copper IUD, colloquially known as the coil, is one of the few non-hormonal contraceptive methods available outside of condoms, and can last for...

Union Beer Garden to close at the end of this week

"The Oxford Union’s popular beer garden will be open for the last time this Saturday, Cherwell can reveal. The garden was opened at the start of Week 0, and hosted a range of events, including a jazz night, poetry night, and Thursday night £2.50 cocktails."

Oxford University state school admission intake reaches record high of 68.6%

"The report sheds light on a multitude of aspects of the admissions process, including breakdowns of college and subject by factors such as the proportion of state school students, BME students, and regional statistics from the UK."

Cherwell Looks In: Episode 1, Oxford Zines

In our first episode of Cherwell Looks In, Sophie Elliott dives into the world of Oxford’s vibrant zine culture. Featuring speakers from The Isis...

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn, Jackie Weaver and more to speak at the Oxford Union

"Jeremy Corbyn, Jackie Weaver, and Jed Mercurio will be amongst the line-up of this term’s speakers at The Oxford Union, alongside other speakers including designer Diane Von Furstenberg, former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable, and Alayo Akinkugbe, founder of @ABlackHistoryOfArt."