CW: This is a mildly comedic column written by a drag queen agony aunt. It is not for the faint hearted, and contains sensitive topics which may cause distress to some readers.

Boy troubles? Girl troubles? They/them troubles? Good old Aunt Rusty is here to help!

Rusty Kate is Oxford’s premier cum-filled crossdresser, known for turning looks, tricks, and straight men seven nights a week. She’s decided to take a short break out of her busy schedule to act as Cherwell’s Dragony Aunt, and help sort out your pathetic little lives one mildly comedic column at a time.

Submit your questions through the link on @rustykatedrag’s Instagram page, and she’ll be dishing out all her words of wisdom for you to lap up like the Queen’s corgies after Liz is done with the peanut butter.

In the meantime, here’s one question Aunt Rusty can answer…

“Dear Rusty Kate, it’s my first week at University and a boy on my flat has been giving me the eyes. He’s really hot but I don’t want to make things awkward, what should I do?”

At least he’s been giving you the eyes and not the finger. My normal motto is don’t shit where you eat, but then again, call me Ella Fitzgerald because I’m not adverse to a little scat.

In all seriousness, give it a bit of time and make sure you don’t do anything ridiculous. Maybe grab a drink with the guy and see where things go! It could be a flatmates-to-lovers trope, or you could fall flat and be forced to avoid a boy you live with after a drunken one night stand in Freshers week. In any case, use your common sense – and for god’s sake, use protection!

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