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    BREAKING: Magdalen JCR sees mass resignations over president’s “misconduct”

    Three senior members of Magdalen College’s JCR committee have resigned over alleged misconduct, leaving President Ciaron Tobin’s position increasingly untenable.

    Vice President Madeleine Blackburn, Treasurer James Melia, and Secretary Aaron McIntyre have all tendered their resignations. In a letter addressed to the JCR committee they explained their decision, alleging that Tobin “has not been in keeping with the values of our community”.  Specific details were not given, but were described as “alleged misconduct”  involving “ongoing welfare issues.” In the notice of resignation to the entire Magdalen JCR, the three described their resignation as a result of “untenable working conditions within the JCR committee.”

    The three committee members wrote that they had written a formal request to Tobin three days ago on 7th February, asking him to resign. He refused, and the members of the committee felt they had no other option and that this was “their last resort”.

    Tobin was appointed to the post at the start of Hilary Term, taking over from previous President Daniel Dipper.

    In response to the event, former Vice President Henry Kay told Cherwell that he was “shocked right now, but there were tremors of trouble on the horizon. Great shame that instability plagues Magdalen once again. One questions a person’s intentions in the role if they refuse to back down in the face of serious allegations and the whole exec resigning.”

    Tobin has called a committee meeting for 10:00 tomorrow, 11th January, as soon as possible within the 24 hour deadline stipulated by the JCR constitution.

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