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Oliver Hall

Review: Eastgate Brasserie — A hotel restaurant finding itself

The seabass was my standout from the evening. Served on a bed of lentils and chorizo, the flavour combinations are ideal and executed to perfection.

NHS in crisis – Oxford braced for student return

The only thing that makes our health system stand out at the moment is that it is in a worst state than any other in the developed world.  

2022 – A Year in Review

"Here is our selection of 2022’s drama, disaster, and craziness and what I, the Cherwell team, and the University community had to say about them."

Voter Identification: A dangerous pathway to unnecessary discrimination

"The biggest problem with ID requirements is that they are inherently discriminatory."

Banana Tree review — Signature dishes star

"Overall, Banana Tree is a pleasant surprise. Despite the occasional missteps that are somewhat inevitable when trying to deliver a menu covering an entire continent, it is defined by a selection of star dishes and reliable classics."

The time for rhetoric is over: We need safe and legal routes now

Politicians continue to play into the narrative that they are the ones in the wrong, mislabelling asylum-seekers as ‘illegal’.

Turtle Bay review – The Caribbean arrives in Oxford

"The remarkable thing about Turtle Bay is how it manages to cater to so many different customers and markets successfully."

Sartorelli’s review – a Covered Market pizza love story

"Sartorelli’s is filled with character and passion, stocked full of top-quality local ingredients, and manned by one of the friendliest, funniest, and most accommodating chefs you’ll ever meet."

Journalism paywalls — a necessary evil?

If they don’t want to bow to pressures, sources are left with no option other than to start charging their readers.

“Can’t afford to wash my clothes”: Cherwell survey reveals struggle students face in cost of living squeeze

The last few months have seen an unprecedented cost of living crisis grip the country and affect all levels of society.  Rises in energy...

Truss’ ‘mini-budget’ is a car crash for young and ordinary people

What I didn’t foresee were the perilous moves and gambles he made to save the richest in our country tens of thousands of pounds and leave everyone else picking up the pieces of a wrecked economy.

What are Conservative Party Members thinking?

"What makes all of this even more crazy and difficult for me to get my head around is that the members seem blissfully unaware of just how unelectable Truss is"

Supermarkets could introduce ‘green labels’ after Oxford research

Plant-based foods faired better than meat alternatives with vegan sausages shown to have an impact 90% lower than that of their pork counterparts.

The fall of ‘Super Mario’ – Draghi resignation now risks adding to Italy and Europe’s political turmoil

The leaders of Italy’s biggest political parties must, now more than ever, put the interests of their people at the forefront of their minds.