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The NYT, AI, and how the internet could change in 2024

As The New York Times kicks off the year with a landmark copyright lawsuit, 2024 could very much be the year that the internet landscape and journalism change forever.

Podcasts: where they’ve been and where they’re going

Ah, podcasts. These days, it’s easy to feel like everyone’s got one. Seemingly every week a new politician or former footballer is launching their...

Long-term decisions for a brighter future?  Must’ve missed that…

"...students beginning their studies in September won’t know how their university has chosen to allocate its funding until August at the very earliest."

Sunak’s rollback on climate and the economy

The unanimous agreement of industry is striking: while they might normally be reluctant to directly criticise government policy, the automotive industry has been almost unified in its dismay.

Broken Eggs – A love letter to Spanish Tortilla

"Broken Eggs is just the kind of reason I love the food industry - put simply, it is a love letter to a favourite dish in restaurant form."

Bakery, posted — The brands hoping on the home-baked delivery trend

"I think the hype train has still got a way to go."

Gees – Mediterranean dishes at a British price point

"The creaminess of the cheese complements the punchy beets and blood orange perfectly and the balance of flavours is bang on."

Barefoot Bakery — Cakes, bakes, and great values

"What makes it even more special though is the ethos behind it and every single dish on offer."

Temptations Dessert Lounge – Everything sweet, all at once?

"Cookie dough is my weak spot in these kinds of places and Temptations’ options are seemingly endless."

LB’s — Summertown’s one-of-a-kind Lebanese deli

"Summertown’s options are ever growing, but through all of that, it is clear why LB’s has remained a staple."

Mambo Italiano — Carlotta comes to Marylebone

"I will never cease to be amazed by that consistently remarkable ability to reinvent."

Burnout BBQ — Brisket, wings and hot rods

"This is undoubtedly the place to go in Oxford for an authentically fun evening of American food."

George Street Social — Brunching, but at what price?

"Moving onto the lunch menu, the items here are high quality but also much higher cost."

Cocomelt — Syrian chocolate cafés come to London

"Chocolate is just about my favourite thing in the world and, if you are the same, Cocomelt is one of those places that simply needs to be ticked off your bucket list."