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Tabs sink Oxford in Boat Race clean sweep.

For the third time in history, Cambridge University boat club achieved a clean sweep of races, including Sunday’s boat race victories in both the men’s, women’s and respective reserve teams.

The women’s race began with an aggressive start from the Oxford side but saw Cambridge quickly take the lead. The Tabs managed to gap the other team considerably, and dominated the race throughout, winning confidently by 4 and a half lengths. The Cambridge women’s boat has enjoyed straight victories since 2016, meaning that the tabs have now stretched their historic lead to 47-30

The men’s race had a different story. Before the race even began, the Cambridge boat was clouded by rumours of a last minute rudder problem, giving them a point to prove from the offset. The race began tight, both sides equally in the running, mirroring the odds predicted beforehand. Yet an impressive tactical move by Craven Cottage, pushed the Tabs team into the lead. A fiercely fought race and a fend off by the turquoise titans against Oxford in the final few moments of the race, allowed them to take back the title lost a year ago. Stretching their historic tally to 86-81, the men’s crew confirmed the weekend as a clean sweep for Cambridge. 

Oxford put on a valiant display, consistently showing a fighting spirit to the very end even when the Tabs had run away with the win. One can only hope Oxford will be back, and with vengeance next year.

Image Credit: Zoe Abereoje

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