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Zoe Abereoje

Is a winter World Cup feasible?

"Hosted in Qatar, this year’s World Cup has been pushed to the winter. Why? Because the average Qatar summer sees temperatures of 40-50 degrees celsius."

Oxford Black voices on Black History Month

"Black history is so diverse but for black people it can be complex to process; immense pride can be matched with sorrow and disappointment at the history of our people."

When it’s Arsenal, there’s no such thing as celebrating prematurely

"The obvious fact is Arsenal are performing better than they have in a long time and it's making a lot of people quite happy."

Tips for keeping fit

"Exercise is great for your mental health, but it's also a great distraction from the impending doom that is your essay's reading list."

Still in the shadow of the men: the uphill battle for women’s sports

"Truthfully speaking, my flimsy gender parity test isn’t even necessary to see that the most successful women’s sports are those which occur in the presence of the men’s equivalent."

Lionesses with a loud roar

"With the Lionesses heading to the final, it is expected that on Sunday many more will turn on the TV and support the team as they make a bid to win the Women’s Euro."