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University to pursue court order if Radcliffe Camera encampment does not leave

University to pursue court order if Radcliffe Camera encampment does not leave

In an open letter published today, Oxford University asked the Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P) encampment in Radcliffe Square to leave by 7th July or the University will “apply to the court for a possession order”.

The letter states that one of the University’s concerns is that the camps are “being used as a base for unlawful activity such as the incursion into the Wellington Square offices and the occupation of the Examination Schools.”

Other concerns include interference with academic activity such as graduation and exams, impact on Radcliffe Camera library users especially disabled users, and damages to the lawns as a result of tree-planting.

In a physical notice posted from the University administration to “persons unknown”, the University stated: “Your current use and occupation of [Radcliffe Square] is not lawful and amounts to an act of trespass.”

The University withdraws any “express or implied permission” for the students to be there for the purpose of an encampment. This follows the University’s removal of OA4P’s first encampment site at Pitt Rivers Museum.

In their letter, the University noted that they have engaged with students and staff at meetings, including members of the encampment; committed to review their investment policies; and committed to expanding scholarships and fellowships for Palestinians.  

If the protesters do not “disband” by the 7th July deadline, the University “intends to bring court proceedings against [the encampment] in which the University will seek the grant of a possession order,” according to the notice.

Previously, London School of Economics evicted its encampment from a building after obtaining a court order.

Cherwell has contacted OA4P for comment.

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