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Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy reinstated as Union President

Following an Appellate Board decision, Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy has been reinstated as Oxford Union President. This follows his election victory, disqualification by Tribunal, allegations of “institutional racism”, and a walk-out in his support.

Osman-Mowafy told Cherwell that the decision of the Tribunal that disqualified him was “quashed”.

The full Appellate Board report has not yet been published.

At the end of last term, 17 Union committee members delivered a list of demands, including the reinstatement of Osman-Mowafy, and threatened to resign. Dozens then walked out of the Union debate.

Earlier that week, the Union’s three governing bodies – Consultative Committee, Standing Committee, and Secretary’s Committee – each passed motions declaring the Union “institutionally racist”.

Osman-Mowafy alleged that a Clerk made Islamophobic comments regarding hijabi women. Several ex-Presidents of colour and top officers signed letters stating that the Union has been overly litigious and those proceedings have been “disproportionately targeting individuals from non-traditional backgrounds.”

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