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    Ana Gheorghe

    Billy Bragg sings for Bernie at Oxford rally

    Singer-songwriter and left-wing activist Billy Bragg visited Oxford last week to campaign for Bernie Sanders in time for the Democrats Abroad Primary. Bragg sang...

    Dozens join “uncomfortable” Alternative Open Day Tour

    "Young people are angry at the apathy of those in power towards the climate crisis. Oxford owes its prospective students a reformed attitude towards the future," one organiser said.

    Council rejects Plush’s application to stay open later

    Police raised concerns that it could lead to increased crime levels in the area

    Mass surveillance could save us from extinction, claims Professor

    Bostrom argued that humanity’s demise is likely to be at the hands of a technology of our own design, and to counter this we may require global mass surveillance.

    Students win £10,000 prize for using artificial intelligence cancer diagnosis kit

    DECancer.AI artificial intelligence detects early cancer through analysis of an affordable blood test and the patient's medical history, allowing for early treatment and care and increasing the chances of the cancer being cured.