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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Cecilia Wang

Historical Opera: A Primer

The ancient Greeks were so moved by music that in their mythological conception, the father of songs, Orpheus, could move even the rocks. In less fanciful...

Love and doubt: ‘Looking back’ at Orpheus and Eurydice retellings

Just as Helen possessed the face that launched a thousand ships, Orpheus, the legendary musician and poet, charmed a thousand hearts with his music....

Ralph Fiennes: from Hamlet… to Lear?

With his aquiline nose, translucent skin and deep pale eyes, Ralph Fiennes certainly makes an impression. And that is even before he speaks or emotes -...

Review: Lost Horizon

Of all the emotions that may be stirred in one during the current Coronavirus lockdown, tranquility is perhaps not the most obvious choice. Yet...

NT Live’s Twelfth Night: Review

The French philosopher and moralist Jean de la Bruyère once remarked “life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those...

Review: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

It’s strange to talk about love in a film review. It seems to be the object of universal pursuit, or rather, more frequently, the...

Review: Chicago

Cecelia Wang reviews Jazz Hands Productions 'Chicago' at the Keble O'Reilly.

Interview: David Williams, Green Candidate for Oxford East

I arrive at the Green Party’s head office on St. Clement’s Street. It’s drizzling on a typical English winter day. The first impression one gets...

Interview: Richard Ratcliffe

The British campaigner on trauma, soldering on and making the world a safer place.

Interview: Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve on small "c" conservatism, Brexit and our national identity crisis.

The Brazilian rainforest fires mean we have no time to lose in tackling climate change

There can be no place for the well-meaning warm words and slow action of the Paris Agreement in the era of environmental emergencies.

Hollywood’s lesser known gender gap

There's a lesser known gender gap in Hollywood - the difference in the shelflife of actors.