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    In conversation with Oxford’s most iconic kebab vans

    The first pioneering kebab van, Ali’s, cowboy parked on the curbs of 1980s Oxford without a permit, serving students midnight feasts until the police...

    Editorial: Oxford must adopt a no-detriment policy for this year’s finalists

    "It is not unreasonable to expect that students should not be disadvantaged by circumstances wholly beyond their control. That is why the editorial boards of The Oxford Blue, The Oxford Student and Cherwell are calling on the University of Oxford to introduce a fair ‘no-detriment’ policy for finalists."

    Editorial: we’re on the move

    After 25 years, Cherwell are moving offices from 7 St Aldates

    Correction and clarification: Cherwell 20 October 2017

    Correction and clarification (21/10/17)

    SPOTY: It’s not (just) about the sport

    The BBC's Sports Personality of the Year has been criticised by some for being little more than a popularity contest. Tamsyn Woodman doesn't see the problem.

    Cherwell’s fresher FAQ

    Got questions? We've got the answers.

    Arms and ‘The Man’

    Make your money how you like, but don't tell us weapons are socially responsible

    Ethnic majorities

    Diamond Versi’s tribunal triumph symbolises the supposed struggle between an oppressed lone minority and a white establishment ogre, such as an Oxford University college.The...