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After two years of getting used to learning over Zoom and Teams, a return to in-person teaching for everyone is hopefully within sight. Advice...

EAS spent up to £250,000 employing staff to keep up with unprecedented demand

"Oxford University’s Early Alert Service spent between £200,000 and £250,000 employing external staff because existing employees were unable to keep up with demand in Michaelmas Term."

Oxford political societies respond to online learning until the 17th of May

Oxford University’s political societies have responded to the government’s decision not to resume in person teaching for students until at least the 17th May....

Oxford study claims deaths outside Wuhan in China did not increase in early 2020

"Outside of Wuhan city, overall deaths did not increase in China during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic, research by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Oxford University has shown."

Council pledges £50 million to retrofit homes

Oxford City Council is set to spend over £50 million in order to retrofit council homes, it has been announced.  The scheme is going ahead...

Oriel JCR proposes ‘New Rules’ be played for new rules

"Constitutional motions are often dry discussions, so it will be a welcome change to have some musical accompaniment."

Common asthma drug lowers risk of Covid-19 hospitalisation, Oxford study finds

Findings from the study, which were published earlier this month, suggested that over a 28-day period, the drug could reduce the risk of patients needing hospital treatment by 90%.

Some students can return to university from 8th March

Students on practical courses or those who require specialist facilities can return from 8th March, but other courses will continue to be conducted remotely.

Lamb and Flag could be turned into community asset

The historic Lamb and Flag pub could be protected from demolition under the scheme proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

Oxford research shows ancient bonds between dogs and humans

"A team of international geneticists and archaeologists, which includes Oxford University’s Professor Greger Larson, have discovered that dogs arrived with the first European settlers around 23,000 years ago."

University failed to phone all students who tested positive

Pressure on the university's testing system also meant that external agencies were contracted to help meet demand.

Russell Group’s student newspapers call for safety net

"It seems the Russell Group not only consider teaching to not have been disrupted, despite having almost a year of remote or blended learning, but also that the general distress caused by living in a pandemic is not enough to require special circumstances."

City Council suspends non-essential services

Non-essential services such as grass cutting will be suspended but emergency repairs will continue.

Union ex-Treasurer speaks out after resignation

"My resignation means nothing. It means nothing at all. This term, the election will roll back around and the same committee members who knew of the illegal gathering or were in attendance themselves, will ask for your votes. I was out of the running a good while ago, but in spite of the scandals, I stayed on as a matter of pride and out of a belief I could do better work from within. I was wrong, and I refuse to be part of it anymore. Eventually you have to put your own happiness first."