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Dania Kamal Aryf

Emotional Contagion: an insight into Oxford University’s terrifying epidemic of burnout and hyper-productivity

"Amongst these dreaming spires, emotional contagion hangs thick in the air like an intoxicating fog. It is a destructive concoction of morbid perfectionism, righteous self-obsession, and a sense of perpetual tiredness."

Oxford researchers accurately trace Covid-19 transmission through genomic epidemiology

Before the March 2020 lockdown, high travel volumes and lax restrictions on international travel led to the circulation of more than 1,000 identifiable UK transmission lineages which had persisted into the summer of the same year.

Oxford’s Clarendon Centre to be redesigned in multi-million pound project

The Oxford Clarendon Centre is expected to be redesigned following a proposal made by the London-based consultancy firm, Lothbury Investment Management. The main aims of...

Essay Crisis

People often say that progress, is not always linear. and p r o g r e s s, sometimes doesn't always look like 2,000 words* (including citations) on a Microsoft Word document"

Tracing apps effective at reducing deaths even with low uptake, Oxford researchers find

Epidemiologists have suggested that contact tracing apps could reduce the transmission of infections, even with low levels of app uptake. Modelling by Google Research...

“Your English is so Good!” and Other Racist Microaggressions

TW: Racism Upon descending at Oxford railway station with my dad at the start of Freshers’ Week and waiting almost fifteen minutes in the queue...