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    Ellen Peirson-Hagger

    “Smash the shit out of it”

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger talks to The Big Moon about their manic tour

    Review: Common People Oxford

    Oxford’s May Bank Holiday festival offering is sun-drenched and musically eclectic

    Common People, an Uncommon Stage

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger discusses the diversity of Oxford music at Common People Festival

    “David Cameron, you wanker!”

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger discusses fandom and arts funding with Wolf Alice’s Joff and Joel

    “The music of our generation”

    “I think the proudest moment of my music career was when my first royalties cheque came,” says Ozzy. “It was the same time that these bailiffs were knocking on my mum’s door..."

    Common People festival playlist

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger compiles the tunes she hopes to hear at Oxford's Common People Festival

    Should we share our cultural pleasures?

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger reflects on the perils of associating art with friends and significant others

    Bestival 2016 set to be a winner

    Huge names announced for September's festival of 'mind-expanding music'

    Review: Maud

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger is touched by this one man performance

    Review: C Duncan at the Old Fire Station

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger experiences a taste of geeky indie rock

    “It has to do with air molecules and shit”

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger talks gig etiquette with Aidan Knight

    Common People announces Big Top line-up

    The Oxford-based May Bank Holiday weekend festival adds a whole host of acts to its bill

    Misogyny at Burns Night must stop

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger argues that we must not ignore the degrading chauvinism that saturates sexist Oxford traditions

    Review: Yuck – Stranger Things

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger is unimpressed by Yuck's latest album