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Ellie-Jai Williams

Self-growth, Sin Miedo: The Rise of Kali Uchis

"The potentially risky decision to produce a Spanish album to a predominantly English-speaking fanbase reflects Uchis’ consistent commitment to be authentic to herself." Ellie-Jai Williams explores Uchis’s brave Spanish new album, "Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)."

Journals or diaries? The value of inward reflection

The boundaries between diary and journal are blurry, with the terms frequently being used interchangeably. Little attention is paid to the differences between the...

Ghosts in the Attic

'Unpack-repack. That recurring dream that you only have in your Home Bed...'

An Ode to the Zoom Dinner Date

Making the effort to get dressed up and treat yourself to some good food isn’t something we always feel like doing when we’re exhausted, but it's something I believe we should make the effort to do more often.