Friday, January 15, 2021

    Havard Yttredal

    Larry: The Real Bernie Bro

    Håvard Yttredal speaks with Larry Sanders, Bernie’s brother, about growing up in Brooklyn’s radical Jewish community, their family, and why he wants Bernie supporters abroad to vote in the Democratic Global Primary.

    Students protest at Oxford Sustainability Awards

    The students rose from their seats to display a sign that read “Still investing in fossil fuels??” as Vice-Chancellor Louise Richardson opened the event at the Sheldonian Theatre.

    Wadham commits to full divestment from coal and tar sands

    The decision is a major victory for student campaigners, who have been pressuring colleges and the University to withdraw financial support for the fossil fuel, tobacco and arms industries.

    Police accused of “lying” about confiscation of boat race protesters’ banner

    Oxford Climate Justice Campaign (OCJC) and Zero Carbon (ZC) have presented evidence which contradicts statements made by the Metropolitan Police in the aftermath of the incidents during Sunday’s Boat Race.