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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Iseult de Mallet Burgess

In Conversation with Cameron Saul

Cameron is the co-founder of British luxury sustainable fashion brand BOTTLETOP, which originated through a design collaboration with the Mulberry fashion label in 2002.

Pope Francis’ comments on parenthood are nothing new for childfree women

"Yet this rhetoric is nothing new for childfree people – childfree women in particular."

Hot Girl Summer for the highly sensitive

After my first year at Oxford culminated in a crushing breakup, I flew home to New Zealand and decided that it was time for...

Radical self-acceptance as a highly sensitive person

Do you hate me? I would ask my long-suffering then boyfriend this question upwards of five times a day throughout the course of our relationship. There was nothing wrong, and he would, of course, always say no – but I just needed to check. 

How conservatives are weaponising feminism to bring down Roe v Wade

Fitch’s argument is that because of feminism, women are now fully able to pursue both motherhood and a career, eliminating the need for abortion. To support her argument, she draws on her own experience as a (white, upper middle class) single mother. 

Gender abolition: Why it matters

"The solution cannot be simply equality. It must be the dissolution of gender as we know it."