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Iustina Roman

Ruminations on Tokyo fashion

"Tokyo and its style have certainly left a deep impression on me"

Eurofashion! How rock music can learn from Måneskin’s style

Since making history with their win in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, the popularity of Italian rock band Måneskin has skyrocketed. Not only is...

The Black Sheep: On Princess Diana’s statement sweaters

Though she is often remembered for her most daring and glamorous looks, especially the infamous Revenge Dress, I find the Princess of Wales’ casual looks featuring statement sweaters even more iconic. Some have described them as ‘grandma sweaters’ or ‘campy’, but it is clear that they remain influential and appreciated in fashion.

The Dark Side Of Coquette

CW: Mentions eating disorders and pedophilia. Lately, we have seen a return to hyper-feminine fashion which encourages all things “girly” and beautiful. Inspired by Paris,...