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    Izzie Alexandrou

    In Conversation with CosmicSkeptic: Cancel culture, contrarianism and Christ.

    “I take inspiration from the figure of Jesus.” Unlikely words to be coming out of the mouth of an atheist, but perhaps unsurprising, given...

    Liz Truss promises Oxbridge admissions shakeup

    Liz Truss, frontrunner in the race for Conservative Party leadership, has suggested she will reform the Oxbridge admissions system to give all top students...

    OURFC condemns Rugby Football Union’s ‘trans ban’

    The Oxford University Rugby Football club has released a statement condemning the decision of the Rugby Football Union Council to imposed a on ban...

    A crisis on our doorstep: threats to abortion rights are closer than you think

    This ‘distant’ despair is much closer than we fear.

    (Endowment) Size Matters: Examining College disparities

    A Cherwell investigation reveals the vast disparities in rent prices across Oxford colleges, with a 50% difference in modal weekly rent between Keble, the...

    May Day celebrations to be held in person

    Traditional May Morning celebrations are set to take place in person this year. For the majority of Oxford Undergraduates, this will be their first experiences...

    Socratic Society in free speech spat after debate cancellation

    The Oxford Socratic Society, a forum for discussing philosophical question, has been embroiled in a free speech row after cancelling a debate on the ethics of abortion. The motion, “Is abortion before 24 weeks unethical?” was set to be debated last Friday.