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    Izzy Smith

    Raising awareness of suicide shouldn’t mean sacrificing sensitivity

    ITV's new installation could negatively affect those it claims to support

    ‘Death and the Maiden’ – ‘Intimately, excruciatingly personal’

    As part of our look back on the Russian Revolution, Izzy Smith admires Dorfman’s complex but visceral examination of the aftermath of revolution in his play Death and the Maiden

    ‘Random’ preview – “Convincing and jarring”

    Izzy Smith is impressed by what she sees of this masterfully emotive performance

    ‘Windows’ review: ‘Poignant and relevant’

    Izzy Smith finds this interwar play still resonates powerfully today

    Fringe Round-up: Six of the Best Stand-Up Shows

    Izzy Smith rounds-up the best stand-up shows from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

    Max and Ivan at the Fringe review: ‘Laugh-out-loud hilarious from start to finish’

    Izzy Smith is impressed by the duo's masterful sketch comedy

    ‘Half Breed’ at the Fringe Review: ‘Beautifully articulated’

    Izzy Smith is overwhelmed by Natasha Marshall's play about race, friendship and finding a voice

    The Oxford Imps at the Fringe review: ‘High energy and entertaining’

    Izzy Smith couldn't stop laughing at this silly but witty improvised comedy show

    Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour review – ‘Fizzing with energy and bravado’

    'Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour' impresses Izzy Smith with its audacity and heart

    ‘A visual masterpiece’

    Izzy Smith admires The Cursed Child’s combination of nostalgia and freshness

    “Emotive, vibrant, and politically charged”: Hamilton

    Izzy Smith praises Lin-Manuel Miranda’s powerful soundtrack

    Dispatches: ‘Marooned between past and present, not here’

    A short story of everyday escapism, by Izzy Smith

    Intersectional feminism triumphs in ‘Hidden Figures’

    Izzy Smith examines the racial issues at play in the Oscar-nominated film, 'Hidden Figures'

    Reviewing Moffat: Sherlock Series Four

    This series of Sherlock is particularly varied, playing around with genre far more than usual. The first episode, ‘The Six Thatchers,’ feels at many...