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Leah Mitchell

Covid and the crisis of compassion

"Our government may represent a morally bankrupt failure of leadership; but that means we must lead ourselves."

Haute Kosher: On the politicisation of Jewish identity: or, why sometimes I wish I could care less

CW: Antisemitism Being Jewish isn’t an easy gig. Or at least, it doesn’t always feel like it. That doesn’t mean I don’t also love being...

Haute Kosher: On being half and feeling whole

In Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red, a novel in verse based on fragments by Stesichorus about the myth of Geryon, shame is being a...

Give us back our bodies: COVID-19 and access to abortion services in Northern Ireland

"How can Northern Irish politicians claim to be “pro-life” while putting people’s lives at risk, forcing them to travel during a pandemic or else carry an unwanted and in some cases medically dangerous pregnancy?"