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Natalie Vriend

Damsels in distress? – The rise of the lesbian period drama

Kate Winslet catches Saoirse Ronan’s eye in the mirror, watching in the light of an oil lamp as she takes her corset off. Later, Ronan...

A Eulogy for America’s Postal Service

"This is a public and unadulterated attempt to sway the presidential election through suppressing postal voting."

Wages Against Housework: “More smiles? More money.”

“More smiles? More money.” This was the rallying cry of women around the world in the 1970s. They were adamant that women everywhere should be paid...

Review: The Chicks’ ‘Gaslighter’

Fourteen years since their last album, and 17 since they were effectively shut out from the country music industry, The Chicks (formerly known as...

Opinion – Rebecca Long-Bailey gone: Labour’s long path to eliminating antisemitism has only just begun

Firing Long-Bailey immediately should neither be criticised nor excessively praised – it was simply a minimal requirement for Starmer... This was the only clean start possible for Labour.

The legacy of banana bread: how coronavirus transformed my relationship with food

It speaks volumes that in the midst of a pandemic, we are still so scared of getting fat.