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Natasha Voase

Defending Democracy: why we must prevent the protest bill

"While civil liberties have no doubt been altered during the pandemic, the current situation is temporary. This legislation will not be." Natasha Voase examines the 2021 Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and its sinister implications

The Future of Satire

‘The beauty of satire is that, by its nature it offends and so demonstrates the lines which free speech should be wary of crossing.’ Natasha Voase breaks down the beauty of satire and its many uses.

God Save the Queen, I Guess

Natasha Voase calls on the Royal Family ‘to prove that they’re more than just reality stars with posh accents’.

International Women’s Festival begins in Oxford

The 31st International Women’s Festival in Oxford began this term and will involve two weeks of events on the theme of “threads of Liberation.”...

UCU calls for donation transparency

The UCU have released a statement calling for greater transparency regarding the £150 million donation by Stephen A. Schwarzman to the new humanities centre....

Oxford residents among most engaged litter pickers in UK

A report published by Plastic Patrol has found that Oxford residents are some of the most engaged litter-pickers in the country.  According to the report,...