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    Olivia Hicks

    The Raft of Medusa: 200 Years of a Masterpiece

    Things on the raft turned horrific pretty quickly. Thirst, suicide, drowning, murders, cannibalism. By the time the raft was found on the 17th of July, just fifteen men were still alive.

    Last Supper in Pompeii

    The enticing title doesn’t do justice, however, to the breadth of the collection: 400 objects from around the Roman world and beyond, covering centuries, showcasing the Romans’ relationship to food and drink.

    Les Misérables review: BBC adaptation soars, even without the songs

    Heaps of narrative are packed into the latest adaptation, but it is a masterful work of character complexity

    The Triumph of Death: the Black Death and European Art

    "The tomb of François de Sarra, carved around 1400, shows toads eating the man’s eyes and mouth, while worms crawl out of holes in his arms." Olivia Hicks explores the tropes and meanings of 'Black Death Art'