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Sophie Grapentin

Of masks and masquerades in 2020 – from necessity to accessory?

Masks might not be high fashion (yet) but that should not deter us from having fun with them.

Of bops and bargains

“I mean we are doing something to slow it down, but this fashion is still going very fast.” With this statement hanging in the air,...

A perfect fit: inside a course on lingerie making

First hand insight into the labouring task of lingerie manufacturing and design.

Time to tilt the lens- part 2: which inclusive approaches make sense in fashion?

Inclusivity in fashion is more than just visibility: accessibility of shopping spaces and the actual products are just as important

Time to tilt the lens – why is the fashion industry ignoring disability?

Part 1 of a two-part series With crammed shops, an almost complete absence of disabled people on catwalks and a lack of inclusive products, the...

Luxury fashion in 2019- will it ever be ‘accessible’?

Anna Wintour once said that one of the things she adored most about the fashion industry is its constant drive to evolve and its...

The ‘one-man multinational fashion phenomenon:’ Karl Lagerfeld

Sophie Grapentin pays tribute to the recent loss of the iconic Chanel fashion designer.

Hanging by Thread: Vintage Fashion

"It is a funny little irony that conservators and vintage dealers are struggling to preserve a few pieces while we are desperately looking for a solution to free ourselves of the insane amounts of contemporary fashion that is thrown out every year."

A matter of inches: corsets make a comeback

An exploration of the 21st century corset renaissance, spurred by icons from Madonna to McQueen.

Flattering fashion: fiction or reality?

Are fashion rules completely damaging, or do they have their uses?

Why fashion can be whatever it wants to be

In defence of the outrageously impractical: an art form that deserves the same freedom to invent impractical and weird creations