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William Foxton

Defying Gravity: In conversation with Stephen Schwartz

“I tend to be attracted to stories about outsiders,” Schwartz tells me at the beginning of our call, “about people who feel themselves not part of the culture or not part of the mainstream if you will, and are trying to figure out how to fit in, and what the cost is of doing so.”

“I don’t believe in a redemption arc for Perez Hilton” : Perez Hilton in Conversation

Perez Hilton is saying sorry. 17 years since the rise and fall of his controversial blog, this near-universally loathed gossipmonger turned businessman and doting father...

In Conversation with Rachel Sennott

"People do want women to be sexual, but not by their choosing. They want to look at an image of you and make it sexual."

Jellicle Cats Come One, Come All: In Conversation with the Cast and Crew of CATS

West End actor Harry Francis was six years old when he saw CATS for the first time. “I was obsessed with it,” he tells me,...

In Conversation with Catherine Cohen

There’s only one Catherine Cohen. It’s something you realise about five minutes into watching her perform — she’s just burped. “I’m sorry,” she says nonchalantly,...

In Conversation with Raven Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness

CW: Mentions of suicide, r*pe threats, and cyberbullying. 'After years and years of silence and secrecy, I’m here to tell the truth,' begins Sarah in...

In Conversation with Jill Nalder

“It’s a bit of a whirlwind at the moment…” Jill tells me, “the response is a bit unbelievable.” She has just finished watching the...

In Conversation with Judy Kuhn

“Here’s the thing about being an older woman…the roles are more interesting. People get more complex as they get older. And you have more life experience to bring to the role.”

In Conversation with Bruce LaBruce

"'Horror movies and porn movies are structured in exactly the same way,' he begins, 'the narrative is structured as a pretext for a number of these explosive climaxes. One victim at a time, one sex scene at a time.'"

In Conversation with Rebecca Black

Hey this sucks, but you’re gonna’ be famous. While not the worst thing Rebecca Black would read about herself that year, these words would come...

Eight LGBTQ+ Musical Theatre Songs to Listen to this Pride

As we face the prospect of another six months spent watching Star Wars and ‘sport’ (?) with heterosexual relatives, now more than ever we...

In Conversation with Caroline Calloway

‘Why not get actual human blood involved? I mean if I haven’t been cancelled at this point, I think it’s safe to say I’m...