Monday, August 26, 2019

Interview: Emmakaisa Soisalo on Nordic fashion

Aini Putkonen interviews Emmakaisa Soisalo from Marimekko to figure out what Nordic fashion is really about

Cherwells aplenty at London Fashion Week

I work at Cherwell, I row down the Cherwell, I live by the Cherwell, and now I could also own a Cherwell. Theoretically speaking. Could Kate Moss boast as much?

Oxford students swap library for LFW

Rosie Gaunt talks to Katie Pangonis and Romain Reglade and runs through the trends on the runway

All that glitters

The ball season has arrived, the nights are alive with music and

Review: Topshop’s ‘Urban Traveller’

Grace looks at Topshop's latest line of festival chic. Expect plenty of rhinestones, tie dye, prints, sequins, and studs

Tumblr: Where aesthetics meets activism

Sam Joyce discusses the impact of social media on the modelling industry

Photoshoot:Not Waving, But Drowning

Fashion takes to the bathtub in this Ophelia inspired shoot

Victoria’s Secret…..and mine

Confessions of an underwear addict

Nailing it: the DIY mini-manicure

Well-groomed nails don’t have to be reserved for weekly-salon goers. Follow these tips to give your express manicure a professional finish, leaving your nails in tiptop shape.

Electric Lines

TT 2013 - Issue 5
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